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Congratulations!! All of the hard work you have put in has paid off and graduating will be only the first of many proud, successful moments for you.

Read and familiarise yourself with the information below to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your big day.


The annual Diploma and Certificate Ceremony will take place from 21 – 23 June 2022 at a venue to be confirmed in Klerksdorp.

The date and time of your ceremony will be confirmed in the invitation that you will receive via a sms.

All compliant candidates (Diploma, N6 certificate, NC(V) graduates) must register an hour before the commencement of their ceremony. If you are late for the session or it is the wrong day, you will NOT be allowed on stage.


Although South Africa is no longer in a State of Disaster, we still need to keep up the basic precautions to prevent a surge of infections All attendees will therefore be required to wear a mask at all times while inside the venue. Masks need not be worn outdoor


Compliant candidates will receive their invitation via a sms. The sms will contain a link to access your invitation. All compliant candidates MUST RSVP no later than Friday, 3 June 2022. No seat will be available to you if you do not RSV

  • Only 2 (two) guests per student will be allowed.
  • No children under the age of 16 will be allowed at the Ceremony.

Compliant candidates who will be invited to attend the Diploma and Certificate Ceremony are those who have met the requirements for being awarded the full qualification at exit level.

  • Graduating NC(V) Level 4 candidates must have passed all Levels (Level 2 – Level 4) for the National certificate (Vocational) programmes.
  • Graduating N6 Business Studies candidates must have passed all N-levels (N4 – N6) for the National Certificate N6.
  • Graduating N6 Engineering Studies candidates must have passed all N-levels (N1 – N6) for the National Certificate N6.
  • The National Diploma candidates must have received their Diplomas from the Department of Higher Education and Training.
  • Candidates must have met the requirements to be awarded their qualification to be awarded their qualification in 2021. The only exception for the 2022 graduation is the Engineering T3 students of 2021 who wrote their examination in 2022. These students who have met the criteria, will be included in the 2022 graduations.
  • Candidates who met the criteria in years prior to 2021and who could not attend their graduation ceremony in the following year will NOT be invited.
  • One top achiever per individual programme will be recognised at the ceremony. One student will be recognised for NC(V), one for R191 Business Studies and one for R191 Engineering Studies as the top achiever.
  • The minimum criteria to be recognised as a top achiever for a programme, is an average of at least 70% for all subjects during the time of study. The subjects must be passed in one examination session for each level.
  • Graduating for Artisan Training: the candidate must be declared “Competent”.

Any enquiries regarding compliance to graduate MUST be directed to the campus where you have completed your studies.

  • Jouberton Campus – Ms Joey Morake
  • Klerksdorp Campus – Ms Mapula Nkgobang
  • Matlosana Campus – Mr Lebogang Motshoadi
  • Potchefstroom Campus – Ms Christina Willemse
  • Taung Campus – Ms Vivian Gopane

Academic regalia is compulsory for all graduates and must be rented/bought at their own expense from CHRI-Le Graduation Wear at a fee as outlined below. Graduates must bring the money along to the ceremony in order to receive their regalia.

The company will be available 2 (two) hours before your ceremony commences.

Price to hire gown, cap and sash:   R400.00  (R100 is a refundable deposit)

Price to hire gown only: R300.00 (R100.00 is a refundable deposit)

Price to buy the gown:  R650.00

Price to buy the sash:  R250.00

Price to buy hood: R250.00

Hired gowns must be handed back to CHRI-Le Graduation Wear directly after the ceremony upon which a R100.00 deposit fee will be refunded.


Gown and sash (see pictures below)

Colour of sash:

NC(V) – blue

            N6 Certificate – red

            Trade Test – white

The sash is only available at CHRI-Le Graduation Wear as it is made especially for Vuselela TVET College. You will not be allowed to wear any other sash of a previous graduation.


Diploma graduates must wear a gown, sash and hood (see pictures below)

Colour of sash:

            Diploma – red, blue and white


An official photographer for Vuselela TVET College will be appointed. They will be available to take photographs on the day of the ceremony. Arrangements should be made prior to the graduation day or on the morning by graduates.

The company will be available 2 (two) hours before your ceremony commences.

The College is not responsible for making arrangements on your behalf.

The link will be available as soon as the photographer is appointed.


Directions to the venue will be available as soon as the venue is confirmed.

PLEASE NOTE: the college is not responsible for making transport arrangements on your behalf.


  • You must be at the venue 2 (two) hours before the commencement of your ceremony. You will then have time to hire/buy your academic regalia, order and take photos, receive the programme and your seat number.
  • On arrival at the venue, hire you academic attire and take family photos.
  • After hiring your academic attire, collect your programme and enter the hall.
  • You and your guests must be seated 30 (thirty) minutes before the Ceremony commences.
  • No cameras will be allowed in the venue as an official photographer will take photos.
  • If you have previously graduated from another institution, you will NOT be allowed to wear the belt from that institution. You have already graduated there and you are NOW graduation with Vuselela TVET College and a specific qualification. Therefor you will only be allowed on stage with the correct gown and belt from Vuselela TVET College.
  • If you did not receive your invitation from the college by Friday, 20 May 2022 and you expect to graduate, contact the relevant person as indicated under 4.9 at your respective campus.
  • The graduation ceremony is a formal occasion Graduates and guests must dress formally, semi-formally or in traditional wear.
  • No one will be permitted to leave the hall before the entire ceremony has been concluded.
  • Guests’ seats are not reserved and late comers will not be allowed entry into the hall. Please inform your guests accordingly.
  • Guests should be seated at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts and must remain seated for the duration of the ceremony. Guests may only leave the hall once the congregation has been dissolved and the Academic Procession has left the hall.
  • A graduation ceremony is a formal occasion and therefor babies and toddlers are not permitted into the hall. Children 16 years or older will be allowed into the hall.