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We are a diverse community with the freedom and courage to challenge, to question and to think differently.

Who we are

History of Vuselela TVET Collage

Vuselela TVET College is one of the three TVET Colleges in the North West Province, formed in 2002 as a result of a merger process. Four former technical colleges, now campuses of Vuselela, were merged in accordance with the principles that underpinned transformation of the TVET sector. Vuselela now consists of five campuses, namely Jouberton, Klerksdorp, Matlosana, Potchefstroom and Taung.

Matlosana Campus was previously not a technical college, but a training centre for the Goldmine DRD in the Stilfontein area. It is however moved to Plot 20, on the road to Orkney from Klerksdorp. It is developed into an Engineering Practical Centre with special focus on mining related engineering programmes and Learnerships.

The College has a Corporate Centre in the CBD of Klerksdorp. The location of the Corporate Centre in Klerksdorp has proved to be a strategic location in close proximity to the majority of campuses, except for Taung.

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since 2002

Vuselela TVET Collage has been proudly operating since 2002


To provide affordable, and accessible education that is responsive to the needs of the community and industry through:

  • Quality approved an accredited programmes
  • Delivery modes,
  • Expanding inclusiveness, and
  • Redress of educational opportunities through Programme Qualification Mix.


Vuselela TVET College will provide:

Accredited Scarce Skills, occupational programmes and impart knowledge to students to prepare them to meet the present and future needs o the industry to benefit the SA economy.

Key Values

At Vuselela TVET College we are guided by the following values which are important to us as an organisation:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness
  • Quality
  • Accessibility

Partnerships and Linkages

Vuselela TVET College formed the following partnerships and linkages with government industry, SETAs and other post-school institutions:

• Department of Correctional Services

Geographic Location

Vuselela TVET College is located in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipalities. These districts serve the greater southern and western areas of the North West Province.

The College has five learning delivery sites, Matlosana, Klerksdorp, Jouberton, Potchefstroom and Taung, with the Central Office based in Klerksdorp.

Affordable student accommodation is available at the Potchefstroom Camus and Taung Campus.

Jouberton Campus is situated on the outskirts of Jouberton Township, a semi-urban area that forms part of the Matlosana Municipality. It is 9.3 km from the Central Office. The Campus specialises in Engineering Studies in Report 191 and NC (V) studies.

Klerksdorp Campus is urban-based and situated in the city centre of Klerksdorp. Currently, the Campus provides for Business Studies and General Utilities. It is 1.6 km from the Central Office.

Matlosana Campus is 6.1 km from the Central Office, urban-based and in the outskirts of Klerksdorp on the R30 to Orkney. The Centre is intended to run as a practical training centre for all Engineering courses, while the theory components continue to be offered on the other campuses. The Campus is also a decentralised trade test centre, specialising in the following trades: Electrical, Fitting and Turning, Turning, Boilermaking, Welding and Millwright.

Potchefstroom Campus is about 48.3 km from the Central Office. The Campus offers Engineering Studies, Business Studies and General Utilities. Potchefstroom has a growing tourism business due to sports, educational and cultural activities.

Taung Campus is the Campus located farthest from the Central Office – 226 km. The environment is rural-based. The agricultural activities in the area are mostly subsistence farming. Commercial farming is done in the outer lying areas, e.g. Cotton, Nuts, Peas etc. The Campus currently offers Engineering Studies, Business Studies and General Utilities.

The closure of mines in the Stilfontein and Orkney area, has led to mine workers becoming redundant and as a result, that cohort of employees has become a target for the college on reskilling programmes. Furthermore, linkages and partnerships are developed with alternative employers such as Local Government Municipalities. Taking cue from the state of province address delivered by the Premier, new emerging economic sectors were identified as Agriculture, Tourism, Engineering and Finance.

Vuselela TVET College responds to these economic drivers by implementing a diverse and responsive programme qualification mix. The college, in preparing for this 2-year strategy is aligning itself with the identified emerging economic sectors and in line with Government Medium-Term Framework. The planned increase in Finance, Economic & Accounting enrolments at our Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp campuses is evident that we want to produce a competent and skilled youth that would contribute to the economic growth of the province.

What is a Public TVET Collage

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges provide high-quality education and training helping to equip yourself with the qualifications you need to start your own career. At Vuselela TVET College, you will gain practical and theoretical knowledge to meet the many challenges of the labour market.

How will Attending Vuselela TVET Collage Benefit Me ?

As a Vuselela TVET College student, you will gain integrated theoretical and practical experience, exposure to your chosen industry as well as a meaningful qualification as part of an affordable education – to which every South African has a right. This is true not only if you are first starting your career-focused education, but also if you are an adult of any age interested in additional training in the career you are following – or even interested in making a complete career change. Studies at Vuselela TVET College help you to master skills to build your future.