On Course Support

Academic support

The College strives towards 100% retention, certifications and placement of students. In order to achieve this goal, the College has established different types of academic support to assist students to be successful in their studies. All new students undergo the Pace Career/Cap Test, there is an AST programme assisting students with numeracy and literacy skills, and tutoring support.

Tutorial Support

Should students feel a need for extra tuition to improve academic results, they visit the Academic officers at Campuses and request a tutorial. The Academic Officer will place an advert for those interested in becoming tutors who will then be appointed to run the extra classes. This is done in liaison with the Lecturer and the Campus Manager.


Resource Centres

The College has fully functional resource centres on all campuses and students automatically use them immediately after they enrol. The resource centres can be used to carry out individual research for the assignments /projects and to support the student’s continuous learning needs.

Personal Support (counselling and referrals)

The college fully understands that students are individuals with different types of needs. Therefore all students are invited to visit their student support services offices available at Campuses whenever they need help with academic performance, test anxiety, poor concentration, interpersonal relationships, career decisions, low self-esteem, family, HIV/AIDS, drug/alcohol abuse, grief over loss of close family member.

Health and Wellness

Higher Health activations are also done at Campuses in collaboration with Higher Health in an effort to address and encourage a positive healthy life system.

Extra Curricular Support

The college believes in a “healthy mind in a healthy body”. The College is promoting participation in different sporting codes where students integrate and socialize. Codes include Soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball, chess, and table tennis. Other social and cultural events are Youth Day celebrations, the annual college sports day, campus sports events, Heritage Day, and Mr and Mrs Vuselela.

Life Skills and Counselling

The following life skills workshops are offered. Time management and study skills, stress management, exam preparation, job hunting skills, interview skills, and CV writing. This type of support is aimed at assisting students in their career pathing as well.

Disability Support

The College commits itself to providing services to students with disabilities that can give them an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the education environment. The Student Support Services division is there to create a welcoming Campus that meets the needs of students with disabilities, fosters student independence and recognizes students on the basis of their abilities, not disabilities. Therefore all students with disabilities are invited to make an appointment with the Student Support Services at the Campus in order to discuss the services offered to students with disabilities such as assistive devices, financial support and examination concessions.

Student Governance

Designated members of the SRC on the two statutory college structures namely, the college council and the academic board. Student leadership development initiatives are provided to ensure that student leaders are provided with the necessary support and skills, to become effective student leaders. This entails an experiential approach grounded in a theoretical framework which emphasizes that student leaders are valued, appreciated and considered to be integral to the governing structures of the college. SRC programs include Campus and College SRC elections and induction programs.